Rural Revival – SMH Weekend Edition

[published in the Sydney Morning Herald Weekend Edition May 8-9, 2004]

It’s well worth venturing beyond the Blue to Orange, writes Anthony Dennis.

On this sparkling autumn day you can’t quite see all the way to Harare, or even Kalgoorlie. But standing outside my room at Arancia Bed and Breakfast, the view, the crisp highlands air and the company of a pair of voluble mooing cows provides ample reward for a Sydney visitor.

Arancia (Italian for “orange”) is part of the Orange “renaissance” that’s earning the rural centre a reputation for fine food, wine and tourism, and providing more persuasive reasons than ever to venture beyond the Blue Mountains.

Arancia is seven kilometres out of town; it’s a pleasant, short drive through the city’s neat residential areas then up a few steep hills to the property’s orchard-lined entrance.

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